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Arm Your Child With The Tools They Need To Succeed In School And In Life!

The Martial Arts can really help to arm your child with a host of positive  mental and physical skills that will help them in school, at home and in life. I Guarantee It! - Master Kang


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ABBA Karate Marital Arts Kid Classes Will Help Your Child Succeed In Life!

Improve your child's grades.

Our unique children's program offers a lot more than just self-defense and physical agility. Our educational martial arts program and unique achievement program will teach your child respect, listening skills, safety and more. But the best part of all is that The Martial Arts will give your child the self-discipline to study. This leads to increased concentration at school which often pays off in the form of better grades.

Develop your child physically.

The Martial Arts will also help your child develop physically. Our programs increase speed, stamina, and strength in children. The program also develops balance, coordination and timing. This will help in all other sports and activities.

Develop your child mentally.

Perhaps the scariest problem facing many parents today is the thought that their child might get involved in drugs. The number of "good kids" taking drugs at a younger and younger age is staggering.  We help promote anti-drug programs.  On top of this our programs are designed to promote self-confidence and self esteem which gives your child the courage to say NO in the face of peer pressure. Recent studies have shown that programs that focus on personal achievement such as martial arts are vastly more effective in this area than team sports.

Promote leadership skills in children to help them succeed in life.

Our programs will teach your child about setting goals, leadership and taking responsibility. These qualities, more than any others will help your child ensure their success in school, in college and in life.

Teach children self-defense skills that could save their lives.

While we wish it were not even a factor in our program the fact remains that we live in a world full of undesirable people.

The Martial Arts will teach your child how to protect themselves from danger. This invaluable skill may even save their lives.

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Only $19.99 for you! Limited time and spot only!


Your child will enjoy the Martial Arts because our high-energy classes are full of excitement and Fun!

Perhaps the best part of our program, from the children's point of view, is just how much fun the classes really are. Our high-energy classes will focus your child's energy in a positive and productive manner

Martial Art training at our school will provide your child with personal attention not found in other schools to ensure rapid progress.

We focus on quality instruction and personal attention to our students. All our classes are taught by highly trained instructors committed to excellence and continued learning. When you enroll your children in The Martial Arts you can feel safe in the knowledge that they will be receiving the finest instruction available.

Not all Martial Arts schools are created equal.

Few schools in the country have the unique combination of martial arts,  education and leadership that you will find with our programs.

We offer convenient schedules & affordable rates.

American Black Belt Academy in Peachtree City(ABBA Karate Martial Arts) offers convenient schedules and affordable rates. So make an investment in your children that will payoff for the rest of their lives.

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Class Reviews from Real Parents

We Think It's Great, But What About Regular Parents?

Finding ABBA and Master Kang has changed our lives. My daughter was afraid to try new things and did not have a lot of confidence. Then Master Kang visited her school and made her curious enough to take a trial class. She now loves Taekwondo and wants to pursue a black belt. Master Kang and Instructor make the classes fun yet challenging - they are amazing. My daughter is now much more confident around people and in front of her classroom. We have the good fortune of having a Korean National champion with an awesome personality just a few miles from my home. We couldn't ask for more.

Lauren's mon
Lauren's mon

My boys started Tae Kwon Do late last year and are eager to go every day. They are active in other sports as well, but when given the choice always choose going to Tae Kwon Do. The main reason they enjoy going so much is Master Kang and Instructor. They teach discipline in a positive and encouraging environment. There is a good balance between learning and fun during each class. Whether the class is large or small, your child will get the help s/he needs to make sure they are learning the proper techniques. Both of my boys are shy and usually are nervous to start something new. Master Kang made it easy for them to feel at ease and enjoy classes from day one. Along with gaining confidence, they are more flexible and understand how to control their body better. Master Kang, his wife Tasha, and Instructor are fantastic and you feel part of the ABBA family right away.

Austin and Rylan's mom
Austin and Rylan's mom

Our son has participated in various sports but never had enough interest in them to continue. We decided to look for a place for him to learn Martial Arts in hopes that he would enjoy it and learn better discipline and focus. After meeting Master Kang, learning about his qualifications and seeing his interaction with the kids, we knew this was the place for our son! Our son looks forward to his lessons and wants to practice at home to continuously be better. He has been learning under Master Kang for almost a year and is still just as excited about it as when he first began!

Bryce's mom
Bryce's mom

Click the button  below  to get your Back to School 3-Weeks Web Special for only $69   $19.99 (includes a FREE Uniform) Only $19.99 for you! Limited time and spot only!


Have a question about kids karate? Check out the answers below:

  • q-iconHow many times per week can my child attend?

    All students – Beginner  can train up to twice per week.

  • q-iconHow long are your classes?

    Tiny Warrior Age 4~6 is 30 minutes long and Warrior Age 7 ~12 is 45 minutes long.

  • q-iconMy child isn't 4 yet, but is really advanced for their age. Can I still register?

    Please wait until after your child’s fourth birthday to register, as four is the absolute minimum age we begin training students. We cannot accept students younger than four.

  • q-iconWill my child earn different belts?

    Of course! We are a black belt school, which means that it’s our goal for every one of our students to earn their black belt. We test our students every 10 weeks if they are ready to test. Not all students are able to test. We have a checklist of what they need to learn and demonstrate knowing the move before they are able to test.

  • q-iconCan I just pay per class?

    No, we don’t offer drop-in class cards. Our curriculum is rigorous and requires commitment and consistent class attendance.

  • q-iconI'm ready to start! How do I register?

    Just click here to make your payment for Karate Summer Special. Once we receive it, we’ll call or email you to schedule your child’s first class. Or if you prefer, you can call us first at 678-545-1889. We look forward to meeting you!


ABBA Karate Martial Arts
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Here's What You'll Get

  • 3 Weeks of Classes
  • Free Official Uniform
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Click the button  below  to get your Back to School 3-Weeks Web Special for only $69   $19.99 (includes a FREE Uniform)