ABBA Karate Summer Camp in Peachtree City

5 reasons to send your child to abba karate summer camp in peachtree city

How will your child be spending their summer?

Are you worried about keeping your child busy this summer? Want to make sure they don’t spend all summer in front of the TV? Searching for summer camps in Peachtree City? Then consider the ABBA Martial Arts Karate Summer Camp.

Your child will stay active, have fun, learn valuable life skills, and get some quality martial arts training at our karate summer camp. PTC campers get daily karate classes, sports workouts, and weekly field trips! If you’re looking for a great summer camp in Peachtree City, look no further than ABBA Martial Arts Karate!

A good summer camp boosts confidence and self-esteem.

Kids feel a sense of accomplishment every day during our karate summer camp. Why? Because it’s refreshing to conquer new challenges outside of the academic and social competition that often shapes their lives at school. Learning a new skill gives your child confidence, and it’s a break from the usual tasks they’re assigned.

Most children have never experienced martial arts before and are sure to feel great about themselves as they master it.

Help your kids develop better interpersonal skills.

Summer camp helps children broaden their social skills. They’ll learn to get along with new types of people and have the chance to interact with children outside of their immediate age group. At our karate summer camp, there are children from a variety of different neighborhoods, so kids are bound to make some new friends.

Combat childhood obesity by keeping your kids active.

Many children, especially in the city, lead sedentary lifestyles these days. But summer camp gives them a chance to be physically active by running, jumping, and kicking—both indoors and outdoors. Unlike during the school year, summer is a time where kids aren’t required to sit still. They have all day to use their energy, and our karate camp embraces that.

Allow kids to unplug from technology.

Children spend so much time indoors, often in front of a screen. But when kids get to take a break from TV, video games, and the internet, they get back in touch with their creative selves and learn to enjoy being outdoors.

Help children make true friends.

One of the magical things about summer camp is that it gives your child a break from the social pressures they may face at school. They can relax, be themselves, and make new friends easily. At our karate summer camp, all children always feel welcome.