The Greatest Power in Life is Discipline

Back to School Special

Taekwondo helps bring back structure to your young students. It teaches respect and creates a healthy well being. Take advantage of what taekwondo has to offer with our Back to School Special!

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ABBA Kids (4~12yrs)

The ABBA Kids program is specially designed for all students.  Now that the road is set for  black belt, they will develop solid character and learn important life skills.

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ABBA Teen & Adult (13+)

Our adult martial arts classes improve overall health by providing a great workout that releases stress while teaching self-defense techniques in a positive environment.

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ABBA Birthday Party

At American Black Belt Academy , planning your child’s birthday has never been easier.  Parents can sit back and relax in a fun and safe environment, while we take care of the kids.

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Karate Back to School Special!


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About Us

American Black Belt Academy(ABBA) offers a comprehensive curriculum based on traditional martial arts of Taekwondo, Judo, Ground Grappling & Hapkido. Our core curriculum, Taekwondo, the world's most popular martial art, is great for developing a physical, mental and philosophical foundation. To go along with Taekwondo's striking, we introduce Judo take-downs, ground grappling, and Hapkido's self-defense techniques. Our philosophy is to practice and provide excellent martial arts in an eastern tradition of respect, discipline and humility.


Taekwondo is one of the most systematic and scientific Korean traditional martial arts, that teaches more than physical fighting skills. It is a discipline that shows ways of enhancing our spirit and life through training our body and mind. Today, it has become a global sport that has gained an international reputation, and stands among the official games in the Olympics.

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American Black Belt Academy (ABBA Karate Martial Arts) in Peachtree City is excited to offer a Free Trial Class to all new students! We think it is important to try something out with no obligation before investing the time or money into it! Simply click the button and we will get in contact with you to setup a free trial class. The trial class is not a specially designed class to sell you our classes, but rather, you will be joining students in a real class that you would be attending. We are very relaxed and welcoming. We expect that you don’t know what to do and are eager to help you! We’re a worry-free school, so never be afraid to join us!

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"If you are thinking of a place to have your kids learn discipline, values, and have fun at the same time, or if you are an adult wanting an activity for health benefits or because you love martial arts, I would strongly recommend American Black Belt Academy. I’m sure you won’t regret it plus the instructors and place are awesome!" -JOEY PASCASIO

"Along with gaining confidence, they are more flexible and understand how to control their body better."

My boys started Tae Kwon Do late last year and are eager to go every day. They are active in other sports as well, but when given the choice always choose going to Tae Kwon Do. The main reason they enjoy going so much is Master Kang and Instructor.They teach discipline in a positive and encouraging environment. There is a good balance between learning and fun during each class.Whether the class is large or small, your child will get the help s/he needs to make sure they are learning the proper techniques. Both of my boys are shy and usually are nervous to start something new. Master Kang made it easy for them to feel at ease and enjoy classes from day one. Along with gaining confidence, they are more flexible and understand how to control their body better. Master Kang, his wife Tasha, and Instructor are fantastic and you feel part of the ABBA family right away.

Dawn T.
Dawn T.

"We have seen such improvements in Mykel's behavior at school over the last few months."

Last year, our son Mykel started practicing Martial Arts under Master Kang. They had just opened and we found that this type of class would help Mykel's focus and discipline in all aspects of his life - especially school! Upon meeting Master Kang and getting to know him and his teaching style, he has such a great spirit for his students. He makes learning fun and rewards the students with much deserved stripes on their belt. We especially love how Master Kang always reminds his students about the 5 tennets of loyalty, respect, self control, responsibility and humility. These aren't just words to the students because he also tells them what they mean. We have seen such improvements in Mykel's behavior at school over the last few months.

Myles V.
Myles V.

ABBA Karate Martial Arts (American Black Belt Academy) in Peachtree City, GA is licensed KUKKIWON school, international governing body of Taekwondo from KOREA.  Our Master, Masters and instructors are officially certified and we are a WTF Taekwondo school, governing body of official Olympic Sport Taekwondo.