The Greatest Power in Life is Discipline

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It's the gift your child will love and so will you. Martial Arts is the perfect activity for kids. The exercise will get them in shape and the positive attitude will keep them happy. The respect, courtesy and self-confidence will give them an advantage in school, relationships and in their outlook on life.

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We recommend getting started with our Trial Program. It will give you the opportunity to learn first-hand the benefits of martial arts training at ABBA Karate Martial Arts in Peachtree City. Our Trial Program includes One Week FREE class in a comfortable and encouraging environment. No experience is necessary.

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Headmaster - Il Seob Kang

6 Degree Black Belt

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We at the American Black Belt Academy in Peachtree City welcome you to learning center where people just like yourself and personal growth and challenge to be a rewarding and exciting experience. We are committed to a healthy lifestyle and encourage this within our programs and instructors. We hope you and our services beneficial as it is our goal to help you achieve yours. American Black Belt Academy prides itself on having, by far, the best instruction and producing the best results, whether those results are better grades and confidence for children or healthier bodies and minds for adults.

Masters and instructors at American Black Belt Academy will change your life and give you the Yes I Can! Attitude.

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Master Il Seob Kang

American Black Belt Academy (ABBA Karate Martial Arts) in Peachtree City is a Mixed Martial Arts school with Karate and Tae Kwon Do as the main martial arts which is under World Tae Kwon Do Federation. American Black Belt Academy teaches Olympic style Tae Kwon Do(Korean style karate), Hap Ki Do, Ju-Do, Ground Grappling, Gongkwon Yusul, Weapons, and Self Defense for children and adults.

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ABBA Karate Martial Arts (American Black Belt Academy) in Peachtree City, GA is licensed KUKKIWON school, international governing body of Taekwondo from KOREA.  Our Master, Masters and instructors are officially certified and we are a WTF Taekwondo school, governing body of official Olympic Sport Taekwondo.